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Put a Little Twist on Your Next Gift Wrap

Do you have certain times of the year that are more socially busy. You probably are one those who tries to stay ahead of the game by marking important dates right on your new calendar. Itís one of those efficiencies learned over the years.

Some events will probably mean fixing a special meal, baking a cake or most likely shop for a gift or two. Gift wrapping is a fun way to add a special touch and add a fun emphasis. And like cooking a meal, gift wrapping will take a little extra effort. But like baking, having everything at hand will make everything go more smoothly, giving you time to focus energy on being creative for that special person.

Gift wrapping is one of those things that is fun to do and brings an upbeat mood the occasion. The guilt can come when gift wrapping become one of the last minute chores on the Ďto doí list. Hereís how to avoid that: Set aside a little time whenever you can to experiment. It doesnít take much prep to pop the top on that box of wrapping supplies and open that drawer of craft tools.

An easy way to get rolling is start by putting a new twist on gift ribbon. You can make your own fancy ribbon from scratch by experimenting with twisting different yarns and strips together. Even using simple ribbon in combinations can bring about unique possibilities. Itís easy enough to make small samples that can be saved for later inspiration.

Ribbon with a twist - hereís a nice way to put a little spin on a gift wrap with your own handmade ribbon. Cut printer paper into thirds and glue the strips end to end to form a 3 inch wide banner. Cover the banner with magazine clippings and scrap paper glued in place with glue stick.

I like to alternate lengths of flat color with snippets of flowers, textures and recognizable objects. If you have anything with glitter on it just rub it on the banner, some will transfer. With everything glued in place itís just a matter cutting it into strips the width you want and gluing these together. There are many variations on this depending on the materials.

Playing on the fun side of life - If you think of gift wrapping as one of those chores, like taking out the trash or picking up the dry cleaning, your missing out. Fleeting as it may be, gift wrapping is a great way to spread around a little cheer.

You have the gift so it just takes a few minutes to transform it into something special, as the example above shows. Iíve never seen a gift tied up with a chain of colored paper clips but I think it could be nice. Creating the unusual is easily done if you improvise a little with some crazy gift tie and a fancy bow.

The possibilities - The wonderful thing about gift wrap is the are so many variations and materials to work with. Keep experimenting and you will no doubt find a style that suits your muse. Be organized and keep experimenting are the words of wisdom. The enjoyment you find in simple projects like this will be reflected in your creative deeds.

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Source: www.isnare.com